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Welcome to Double Stink Hog Farm!  

Yes, it is true!   We are no longer raising sweet corn, pumpkins, or other produce.  As documented in the Lexington Herald-Leader the farm is for sale.   The two brothers, Howard and Tom, who have been farming here for all of their adult life are approaching retirement and none of the next generation were able to take on the role because of other careers from the West coast to the East Coast and several locations inbetween.  While everyone involved enjoyed bringing farm fresh produce and entertainment to people who would not normally have access to it; however, griculture is proving to be a difficult challenge and a gamble every year.   Currently the farm is still in operation, but only producing crops like wheat, field corn, and soybeans.  

This website will still be in existence to provide history of the wonderful times and events that have taken place on Double Stink Hog Farm.  It also serves as a perfect example of the changing atmosphere in agriculture since it has been produced by one of the second generation who has been involved in teaching in Western Kentucky.  


 Double Stink Hog Farm is famous for two things in Central Kentucky:  Sweet Corn and Pumpkins.  We are also home to the original PUMPKINFEST in Central Kentucky.   

In the past, from July 4th to the middle of August we raised some of the sweetest corn you would ever taste, not to mention plenty of other delicious produce.  

From Mid September to October 31st, our farm was transformed into a giant pumpkin playground for kids of all ages.  You could find a petting zoo, horse drawn hay rides, a children's play area, a scare crow village and of course - pumpkins of all shapes, colors, and sizes!  And on the weekend, there was PUMPKINFEST!

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